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Good Neighbor Guide (Part 2)

Good Neighbor Guide

We’re always thinking of creative ways for you to welcome new neighbors to your block. Remember our first Good Neighbor Guide? Here are a few more things to make your street-mates feel right at home.


  1. A potted plant is the perfect way to help your new neighbor start a spring garden.


  1. For families with kids, sidewalk chalk serves as great outdoor entertainment while mom and dad unpack.


  1. A new house comes with an empty refrigerator. Help your neighbor out by purchasing healthy foods to snack on while they organize their house.


  1. Fresh baked bread is a great way to introduce your neighbor to your favorite local bakery.

Good Neighbor Guide

  1. A watering can filled with flowers will inspire your new neighbors to get gardening.


  1. Mugs can be filled with local coffee or hot chocolate.


  1. Pizza! Or any dinner from restaurants in the area you think your neighbor should know about.


  1. A new welcome mat to spice up the exterior of the new house.

Happy gifting! With these gifts, you’re sure to be the friendliest face on the block. Be sure to let us know what your neighbors think!



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