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Some people use colored stickers to label boxes, while others get along okay by simply writing the name of the room on each box with a marker. However, if you want to finally have an organized move for once in your life, you will make use of packing labels.

What Are Moving Labels?

In a nutshell, packing labels take the guess work out of moving. They come in a variety of styles. Some have room names already printed on them, while others will tell movers that the box contains fragile contents. Some will also allow you to identify which end of the box should be kept up at all times.

For the highest level of organization you can use packing labels that allow you to list all the contents that are inside. Once you use these you will never want to move without them again.

Benefit of Packing Labels

The first benefit is that when you are unpacking, there will be no guessing what contents are inside. You will not have to open five boxes just to find your coffee maker or shower curtain. This will be appreciated when you have been unpacking all day, and you are at the point where you need a shower or caffeine, or both!

Second, when the movers are hauling everything in your new house there will be no question about where everything goes. They will be able to know at a glance which room to put boxes in, thereby making the move far more efficient.

If you have taken out additional insurance and plan on keeping inventory according to box, you will be able to identify which inventory list goes with every box.


It is not a good idea to list valuable contents on boxes. Jewelry, collectables, antiques, etc., should be given a code word. Even the best moving company with the most trusted reputation could have a new hire on staff that might be tempted by certain contents. So, if you are keeping inventory for insurance purposes, consider numbering the boxes with the labels, and then keep a master list of the contents separate.

Also, when using packing labels to mark a room or distinguish boxes with fragile items, it is a good idea to put labels on at least two sides. If you only label one side of a box, it is almost guaranteed that this will be the side that ends up closest to the wall. Then, you will end up having to do a lot of shuffling anyway.

By using the packing labels we have here at Unpakt, your move will be smoother, and they will make it easier on you when you are unpacking.

As a final note, it is always recommended to have a nice big purge of household items before you start packing. If you have a lot of stuff that you no longer need or use (or forgot you even had!), now is the time to get rid of it. You can donate a lot of stuff. If you start early enough, you could even have a garage sale. There is no point moving items that you do not need.


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