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Cleaning Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

cleaning tips

As soon as you sign your new lease it’s Mission: Get That Deposit Back from your current place. Luckily, this can be an easy-peasy accomplishment with a few strategies, and Unpakt partnered with The Maids to uncover those surefire cleaning strategies. Here are five tips we’re passing on from the experts at The Maids to ensure you get your deposit back:

1. Start Early

The easiest way to leave a clean apartment is to keep it clean from the very beginning. This means lining your drawers, throwing a rug on well-trodden paths, and scrubbing stains when they first happen. Defensive cleaning saves you hours of time down the road. If you didn’t do this with your current place, don’t worry; there is still time to get things done before you move. However, try to remember to do some pre-cleaning measures in your abode.

cleaning tips

2. Scrub As You Go

As you pack up your closet and toss out the expired yogurt from the fridge, remember to give your home a shine as you go. This is the perfect time to remove cobwebs, sponge out drawers, and dust ledges. While you’ll want to give everything one last scrub before the landlord comes for inspection, you’ll have the hard labor out of the way a few days—if not weeks—ahead of time.

3. Vinegar is Your Friend

It’s a simple fact: A clear shower door looks a lot cleaner than a water-stained shower door. Likewise, stained sinks and toilet bowls aren’t exactly helping your case to get your deposit back. Luckily, it won’t take too much work to get them in shining condition. Simply put some vinegar on all of your problem areas. Wait about 30 minutes, then scrub the acidic mixture away and rinse with water. Viola! Additionally, use baking soda for rust, lemons for garbage disposals, and floor wax for hardwood to spruce the place up even more. Giving your floors, windows, and cabinets a nice shine will present your landlord with a sparkling impression when he or she does a walk-through.

cleaning tips

4. Remember the Little Things

Sometimes, it’s the little things that will make the difference between getting your deposit and grumbling angrily when your landlord sends back half of what you put down. For instance, remember to putty any holes in the walls, wipe down the baseboards in the rooms, remove any cobwebs from the corners, polish the doorknobs, and give the refrigerator a wipe-down. Little bits of dirt and grime built up over time can create a collective unclean feeling.

5. Go Outside

The first impression of your place happens right outside your door, so remember to give the outside a good clean after you give your home a scrub. If you have a lawn, mow it; if you have a porch, sweep it; and for your windows, polish them. Before you call it a day, walk up to your place like your landlord will and try to spot any dirty areas that might create an unclean impression before he or she ever enters the house.

The best way to get your security deposit is to leave your rental in the same if not better condition than when you first moved in. By following these cleaning tips, you should be able to get that money back, no questions asked!

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