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Best Cities to Get Rich

Best Cities to Get Rich

If you have absolutely nothing keeping you in your current city then it only makes sense to move to where the money is, right? Sure, you will miss Sunday football traditions with your buddies, or your favorite yoga class with the girls, but you can easily make new friends and traditions somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be nice to live more than comfortably? Can you imagine never having to think twice about splurging on a designer label or weekend getaway? Well, you have probably always been taught that hard work should be your primary focus, but hard work will only get you so far, especially if you live in a small town with minimal opportunity. Location plays a huge role. So, if you want those unbelievable paychecks you have to go where the money is.


How Results are Calculated

There are three factors considered when determining cities with the most potential to get rich. These include local economic growth, a number of granted patents, and percentage of high household incomes.


Top 10 Cities


  1. San Jose, California

    With 10,256 patents and an 18 percent growth increase, San Jose is a no-brainer. This high-tech and exciting city grew more than three times quicker than most average metro areas and took in over 10,000 patents from 2008 to 2011. San Jose is a melting pot of cultures, home to Silicon Valley, environmentally friendly, and rates as one of America’s safest cities. Plus, there are some fantastic neighborhoods, including Almaden Valley, Rose Garden, Burbank, Naglee Park, and Downtown.


  1. Boston, Massachusetts

    For most people, Boston means the tastiest pizza around, countless bars, pubs, and some of the best museums in the country. Well, Boston’s high-income percentage is 16.8 percent and the city has seen a 9.1 percent growth increase in recent years. Professionals tend to live in the North End, Downtown, Beacon Hill, the South End, and Jamaica Plain.


  1. Washington, DC

    Of course the nation’s capital is on the list. Although it only ranked 16th with incoming patents, the high-income percentage is 23.6 percent. This area is all about arts and politics. Coveted neighborhoods include Dupont Circle, Capitol Hill, Adams Morgan, Anacostia, Penn Quarter, and National Harbor.


  1. Austin, TX

    Austin welcomed 2,460 patents and grew twice as fast as the average American city between 2008 and 2011. Austin constantly makes “Best” and “Top City” lists because it offers a low cost of living, an exciting downtown music scene, and plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Check out homes in Falconhead, Steiner Ranch, Tarrytown, and Circle C.


  1. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Approximately 11 percent of local households earn $150,000 annually or more, and the city was 8th on the list of patents granted. What could be better than a city with a ton of theaters and galleries, four distinct seasons, affordable living, cross-country ski trails, several Fortune 500 companies, and riverboats? Popular neighborhoods include Camden, Northeast Park, Calhoun Isles, and Downtown East.


  1. New York City, New York

    Like Washington DC, you can’t have a list of hot places to live without New York City being mentioned. There is a common misconception that all New Yorkers are starving artists, actors, and models. Truth be told, the┬álocal economy has grown 5.1 percent and 16 percent of the population makes $150,000 annually or more. You will never run out of things to do here.


  1. Seattle, Washington

    You can get used to the rain when you are making enough money for high-quality raincoats and boots. Seattle is in the 6th position for the number of patents granted and 12.7 percent make more than $150,000. Seattle has no state income tax, a thriving nightlife, startup companies sprouting up everywhere, and it is close to Mt. Rainer, Golden Gardens Park, and the Cascade Mountain Range. Best neighborhoods in the Emerald city include South Lake Union, Phinneywood, Ballard, Fremont, and Columbia City.


  1. San Francisco, California

    This city has had the second highest number of recent patents granted and 20 percent of households make more than $150,000. You can find everything from micro apartments with custom furniture to multimillion-dollar homes here. Best neighborhoods include North Beach, Nob Hill, Outer Richmond, Downtown, Presidio, and Sea Cliff.


  1. Houston, Texas

    Between 2008 and 2011, Houston welcomed 6,468 patents and experienced an economic growth of 6 percent. Houston has a fantastic light rail system, phenomenal restaurants, affordable downtown living, friendly folks, and endless festivals, events, and celebrations. Check out Neartown-Montrose, Upper Kerby, Midtown, and Binz.


  1. Raleigh, North Carolina

    Raleigh actually tied with Houston. In recent years, this city has experienced a 10.2 percent growth, and more than 11 percent of households make $150,000 or more. Raleigh offers top-rated schools, world-class health care, a rich culture, and arts scene and year-round outdoor activities. Recommended neighborhoods include North Ridge Country Club, Chapel Hill, Midtown, and Historic Oakwood.



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