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8 Countries That Will Pay You to Move There

Countries That Will Pay You to Move There

Moving overseas can sound like an expensive proposition – applying for visas, shipping all of your furniture, and so on – but what if the country or city paid you to move there? Believe it or not, these programs exist! Have a look at some of the amazing places you could call home with the bonus of a little extra cash in your pocket. The best countries that will pay you to move there!


Entrepreneurs, pay attention: a program called Startup Chile is ready to help you start a business abroad. They provide up to 50K Chilean in equity-free funding, up to 100K in perks to support you, a one-year work visa, and a strong community of mentors and advisors to help you navigate your new business life. Although the program doesn’t directly provide you with housing, it does connect you with an amazing network of people who become your link to finding a great place to live, a new social group, and everything else you’ll need for moving internationally. Note: after one year, you will need to reapply for a visa.

Ponga Village, Asturias, Spain

This gorgeous, ancient village has deeply rooted traditions, an incredible climate, and a rapidly aging population of fewer than 800 people. So the local government, in an effort to keep the village from becoming abandoned like hundreds of other tiny Spanish mountain villages, is offering young couples 3,000 Euros to move there with an added 3,000 Euros for each child- whether born in Ponga or moved there with the couple. Suddenly, moving belongings overseas for yourselves and your kiddos get far more affordable!

Candela, Italy

Another picturesque European village, Candela boasts medieval architecture and restored palazzos in the traditional pastel palette of Italian lore. With a plunging population as young folks beeline for larger cities, Candela is offering a little incentive: Singles will receive 800 ($940) euros, couples will get 1,200 euros ($1,400), three-member families will get 1,500 to 1,800 euros ($1,760-$2,100), and families of four to five people will get more than 2,000 euros ($2,350). Candela may also give tax credits on city waste disposal, bills, and nurseries in the future. The criteria? Interested parties must commit to live inside Candela, rent a house, and have a job paying at least 7,500 euros ($8,800) a year. For fresh Italian food and the gorgeous countryside? We think its a steal!


Another European country that will pay you to move there – specifically, they want to attract entrepreneurs! If you feel your business has excellent potential and you plan to expand your focus to an international market, you can apply to Enterprise Ireland for funds and support to relocate. They’ll help find investors and prepare you to be successful in your next steps living and working in Ireland. This program does tend to be competitive, but is an incredible boost for a motivated individual!

New Zealand

This small community in southern New Zealand made headlines when they began promoting a package that offered a brand new, 3-bedroom house and a piece of land for as little as $220,000. Applicants are eligible to have fees waived on town processes, and the town has already built a partnership with a construction company, had the home designed and priced out, and outlined additional options that can be added. If you’re ready for rural living with stunning views, have a look at Kaitangata, NZ.

Tip: you may want to look at the cost of shipping a car overseas if you’re planning to bring your own vehicle. Kaitangata is about 10km from the nearest metropolitan area!

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