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5 Tips for Renting a Home in Birmingham, AL

Renting a Home in Birmingham

If you’re planning on moving to Birmingham, Alabama and renting an apartment there, your best bet at finding an apartment that suits your tastes and needs is to do a little preliminary research. Narrow down your search — are you looking for rental properties in Southside, Birmingham, Brownville, Smithfield, Crestwood, or somewhere else? If you narrow down your search, finding a rental will suddenly become a lot easier to handle. And once you figure out where in Birmingham, AL you’d like to start renting, you can check out these 5 tips for renting a home in Birmingham.

  1. Look online

    There are many resources you can use to help you look for residential rental properties in Birmingham, AL. Craigslist,,, Hotpads are just a few, plus you can always try local Facebook groups. As with anything you find online, make sure to read reviews of the apartment/service before putting down any cash.

  1. Contact property management companies and rental home companies in Birmingham, AL

    Yes, these companies have something to gain by helping you rent an apartment, but they also have something to lose if they don’t offer good service or actually do a good job. So if you’re looking for residential rental properties in Birmingham, AL, property management and rental home companies are a great way to get you inside information on the most current available apartments.

    Moreover, if you use a rental property management company, you can have it manage your apartment if you have to start renting it before you move in.

  1. Visit Birmingham before you move

    All the reading in the world can’t give you the same experience as actually going to Birmingham, driving through the streets, and getting a feel for the neighborhood. When you do this, you’ll find that certain areas or even specific streets appeal to you more than others, and you can then start a super-focused search for residential rental properties in Birmingham, AL.

  1. Prepare for temporary housing

    If you’re moving to Birmingham from across the country, you may find it too difficult to search for an apartment from afar. If this is the case, Airbnb or vacation home rentals in Burlington, Alabama are good options to get you temporary housing while you search for residential rentals, rental properties, or even mobile home rentals in Birmingham, AL.

  1. Prepare your credit score

    Apartment owners are more likely to rent their apartments to people with good credit. So when searching for a rental, make sure to have your credit score on hand, as well as references who can vouch for you.

Find Your Apartment, Get Movers

Once you’ve found an apartment, all you need to do is move there! But finding good, reliable movers is easier said than done. If you need some help in your search for quality movers, check out these local moving companies that can get you and all your stuff to Birmingham, AL in no time.

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