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The Best Public School Districts in Houston

Best Elementary Schools in Houston

Houston, Texas, is a big city. Big skies, big hats, big neighborhoods- so if you’re relocating to Houston with your family in tow, it’s important to find the best schools for your children among the wide expanse of options. So we’ve done the research for you and come up with a list of the top public school districts in the area. Without further ado:

  1. Katy Independent School District

    Katy Independent is a large district — with 64 schools ranging from Pre-K through high school and just over 67,000 students, you’re sure to find an option that fits your child’s needs. Students of all grades have a wide variety of opportunities for extracurricular activities, from sports and clubs to the highly regarded choir and theater programs. Houston is known for its arts, and these schools offer opportunities for children to be creative. A 93% graduation rate and an average student-teacher ratio of 16:1 also means your child is set up for success in his or her academic career, too — the average SAT scores are well above average, so students are well set up for their college careers. Katy Independent is an obvious choice if you’re moving to Houston with your family, and will be located in the city proper.

  1. Friendswood Independent School District

    Friendswood Independent is a smaller district, centered in Texas City League Township. Seven schools host just over 6,000 students in grades Pre-K through high school, and with a 98% graduation rate, it would seem that the students love their schools. The events calendar is full of a diverse listing of opportunities for students across all schools, and students report that there are abundant opportunities for community involvement and feeling connected to the student body. To top it off, students’ SAT scores are significantly above average across the district, as are ACT scores — so these students are well prepared for college success.

  1. Pearland Independent School District

    Located adjacent to Friendswood, the Pearland Independent School District is centered in Alvin-Pearland Township and serves just over 20,000 students in 26 schools. Options for students from Pre-K through high school means your child can stay in the same district for his or her schooling career, and the extracurricular opportunities in the district promise to make the school experience enjoyable. Students report that the marching band is highly focused and competitive in the field, and football and baseball, in particular, get a lot of attention. But, they say, if you have an interest? Chances are a student can find a supportive teacher to start a club. SAT scores are high in this district, and it has greater diversity among the student population — 56% of the school is Asian, Hispanic, or African American.

  1. Clear Creek Independent School District

    Clear Creek is also centered in Texas City-League City Township and serves just under 40,000 students in 47 schools from Pre-K through high school. Their graduation rate of 96% and a student-teacher ratio of 16:1 makes it one of our top public school districts in Houston. 50% of the school identifies as non-Caucasian, making Clear Creek one of the most diverse on our list. Students say there are extracurriculars for everyone, and if there isn’t already a club to fill a need, the students are welcome to start a club of their own. There is a range of AP classes offered for students who choose a more advanced track, so whatever academics your child needs, you can find options in this district.

  1. Humble Independent School District

    Humble Independent is centered on the city proper and serves just over 38,000 students in suburban Houston in grades Pre-K through high school. This district was awarded HEB’s Large District Excellence in Education Award in 2015, making Humble Independent notable among public schools in Houston for its academics. The Quest Early College campus is available to students in this district who seek a preparatory experience during their high school years, and the Community Learning Center offers continued learning opportunities for people of all ages — just in case Mom or Dad want to learn something too. A 94% graduation rate and 16:1 student-teacher ratio also make Humble a great place to ensure your child’s success, and this is the most diverse district on the list- with just about 60% of students identifying as non-Caucasian.

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