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7 Reasons to Reserve Your Move Online

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Like so many areas of life, moving has also been revolutionized by the miracle of the internet. You may not be aware of it, but your next moving experience could be very different (and much better) thanks to online planning. Whether you are planning a long distance move or a local one, you should definitely reserve and book your move online, for these seven reasons:


  1. It’s Easy

    Instead of making endless calls, scribbling quotes in your notepad and struggling to keep track of your moving plans you can compare moving companies online, get quotes, keep track and update your inventory and make payments easily and securely. It is so easy you will seriously ask yourself how anybody ever moved anywhere before this option existed.


  1. It’s the best deal

    Not only does online planning help you find the best deal by easily comparing moving companies, it also saves you a lot of unexpected costs. Booking online also allows you to make a protected payment and avoid move day surprises, which often run moves over the budget.


  1. Online Tools

    Online tools are available to help you estimate the size and cost of your move and adjust the estimate as you pack. Under or overestimating your move can be a costly mistake, and one that isn’t so easy to avoid when the only people you can consult are the movers themselves. With online planning, you are no longer dependent on the movers to calculate the cost of your move.


  1. Save Time

    Online moving solutions allow you to obtain detailed and confirmed information from different sources (licenses, insurance, experience, etc.) and plan your move once instead of repeating the process with different service providers. The details of your plan are accessible to you at any time, not depending on business hours. This makes the process considerably easier and more flexible.


  1. Read Reviews

    Moving companies prices aren’t the only thing to consider when choosing a mover, and one friend’s positive experience with a certain mover doesn’t necessarily mean your experience with them will be the same. Online customer reviews are one of the best ways to choose the right service provider for your needs.


  1. Control the Process

    From the time you get a moving quote online to the moment you are cutting boxes open in your new living room, online planning helps you stay on top of things, every step of the way. All the information is confirmed and documented with email confirmation. This gives you peace of mind, prevents any misunderstandings and minimizes stress.


  1. Properly Prepare

    From full service to budget moving to DIY, lots of information and how-to guides are available online to help you streamline your relocation. You can also find expert advice and information on anything moving-related to help you prepare for your move.

Now that planning your move is made so much easier; you’ll have more time to focus on what lies ahead after moving day. Be sure to check out our New Apartment Checklist to get off to a great start in your new place.



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