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Shuttle Fee Calculator

Use the steps below to include shuttle fees in your pricing. Although not all destinations require a shuttle, we suggest you include the following in your pricing.

Why not charge a separate fee for shuttles?

We believe in a “no surprise” move day. There’s no way for customers to know if shuttle fees will be required beforehand, and it usually strikes them as a surprise fee upon delivery.

Here’s the solution: calculate your average shuttle fees and add them to your Unpakt national pricing.

How to find your average shuttle fee:

Step 1: Gather your information. You’ll need three numbers:

  • Total number of long distance jobs per destination (over a set period)
  • Total number of shuttles required for same destination (over the same set period)
  • Average Cost per shuttle for that destination

Let’s look at an example. Imagine that you’re a moving company that performs 100 jobs per month to San Francisco and 60 of them require a shuttle fee. Your average shuttle fee is $200 in San Francisco. This instance rate of a shuttle, in this case, is 60%.

Step 3: Calculate how often you encounter shuttles

Instances of a shuttle (60) / Number of Jobs in total (100) = Instance rate of jobs with shuttle (60%)

Step 3: Calculate your average shuttle fee:

Share of Shuttles (60%) x Cost Per Shuttle ($200) = Extra Fees for Destination ($120)

Add your average shuttle fee to your national pricing

On your Mover Dashboard, click on the Pricing tab and then click on “National”. Add your Average Shuttle Fee to each location where it says “Extra Fee”.