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When you hear the word “moving,” if you automatically see dollar signs, you’re not alone. Moving is most commonly thought of as being expensive and stressful. Yes, moving can be both of those things, but so can almost anything else. Follow these tips to ensure your move is as affordable and stress-free as possible.

Plan ahead

Planning is extremely important when you are moving to a new home. Booking a local moving company well in advance or on weekdays can save you hundreds of dollars. Also, when you plan ahead, you might be able to find the majority of the moving boxes you need for free.

Set a budget

By creating a realistic moving budget, you will have a better understanding of how much money you will need to save and what options you can afford to move the items in your home.

Take an inventory of your home

You will want to know the items you are moving. Make an inventory list of the items you will need to move i.e. bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, couches, and categorize them by their rooms. This information will help you to get an accurate quote from a reputable moving company. If you are renting a truck, an inventory list will give you the information you need to rent a truck that is the right size for your move.

Ask about additional costs

With moving there, are sometimes additional costs that you need to consider before you select the best option to move. When you hire a professional moving company, ask about any additional fees you may incur that will not be on your quote. If you are renting a truck ask about mileage, gas and overnight fees. The last thing you need is to get a bill you were not expecting because of some rules you were not aware of when you received a quote.

Don’t move items you no longer want or need

Moving is a great time to decide about items in your home that you no longer want or need. If you do not envision yourself using these items in the future, instead of packing them, they can be sold or donated. Fewer boxes and furniture means less money spent on moving.
If you are trying to plan an affordable move consider every option you have. Always plan ahead and use the tools available to compare moving companies when researching which option is the best choice for you. For more moving tips and resources visit the Unpakt Blog.

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