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Moving Tips for Temporary Housing

While one in five American families are estimated to move each year, many of them do not arrive at their final destination upon moving. There are many variables that may affect where you move and how long you stay in that location. Use these moving tips for an extended stay when you are packing for temporary housing.


Packing for Temporary Housing: Options to Consider

If you are planning to move into temporary housing before transitioning to your permanent residence, there are several options to consider in terms of the type of property that you will reside in until the move is complete. You may choose to stay in a hotel or an extended stay hotel that offers monthly rates, or you may choose to opt for a short term rental home or a business rental. Assess each of these carefully to determine which one is the best for your unique situation.


Tip #1: Make Arrangements to Store some of Your Belongings in a Safe Place

While finding a place to stay is certainly important during a temporary move, it is equally important to find a suitable place to store your belongings until the move is complete. You may need to rent a climate controlled storage unit or invest in bulk storage bins depending on your preferences and space availability. If you are using a moving company, it may be possible to store your items with the company until you move to your permanent residence. Climate controlled storage solutions are often the best option in this situation, as they ensure that your belongings stay cool, are kept safe, and are protected from the elements.


Tip #2: See if Your Moving Company will Keep Some of Your Belongings until You Move to a Permanent Location

While it is often preferred to use a storage space to keep your items safe and protected until you move to a more permanent location, there are companies that will store your belongings for you. If you will be staying in temporary housing for only a short period, this may be a good option. Make sure to ask questions about where your items will be stored, if there will be locks on the unit, and who will have access to your unit.


Tip #3: Take Only Essential Items with You when Packing for Temporary Housing

When packing for temporary housing, make sure to keep only the items that you need and store your other belongings. This will make it easier when you transition to your permanent residence, and it will also ensure that all of your valuables are protected. This is particularly important if you are moving into a temporary housing environment that is already furnished or if you will only be staying for a week days or weeks. When packing for temporary housing, it is very important to think lightly and take only the things that you need.