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Moving Day Checklist

Moving Day Checklist

Preparing for your move can be stressful, but having some simple checklists on hand can help to simplify moving day, streamline the moving process, and ensure that your move is stress free. Once moving day arrives, keep this moving day checklist with you so that you can effortlessly transition into your new home.


Moving Day Checklist: Things to Do Before the Movers Arrive

  • Finish any last minute cleaning and packing.
  • Check each room carefully to ensure that everything has been packed and stored properly for the move.
  • Label boxes or items that will be left off the moving truck and set them aside.
  • Pack the essential items that you will need for your first day at your new home. Be sure to include toiletries, change of clothes for everyone in the family, and any other items that you will need before the unpacking begins.
  • Properly seal all of the boxes that will be loaded onto the moving truck and check to make sure that breakable items are stored safely.
  • Notify an emergency contact of your travel itinerary in case you need assistance during the move.
  • Label the box with your bedding to be loaded last so that it can be unloaded first after you arrive.
  • Safely secure all valuables, jewelry, important documentation, etc. and decide how you will be transporting these items.
  • Clear pathways for the movers to easily transport boxes, furniture, and other items out of the home and remove clutter.
  • Contain pets in one area of the home or in the yard so that they will not be in the way of the movers or get hurt.
  • Make sure that the movers will have plenty of space to park the truck or van.
  • Verify with the moving company how they wish to be paid for their services. Normally they accept cash or credit card, but it is important to double check before the movers arrive.


Moving Day Checklist: Things to Do When the Movers Arrive

  • Review paperwork and details of the moving agreement that you signed with the crew chief.
  • Make sure that all boxes are labeled properly before they are loaded onto the truck.
  • Confirm the time and date that your belongings will be delivered to your new home.
  • Verify that the movers have the correct address to your new home and provide directions if required.
  • Perform a quick walk through with the movers as they inspect your furniture to ensure that the inventory sheet is correct. Make sure that you agree with the movers on the condition of the furniture and other items in the home in case your belongings are damaged during the move.
  • Provide an up-to-date phone number so that the movers can contact you in case of emergency.
  • Offer the crew cold beverages while they load the truck to establish a friendly relationship with your movers.
  • Be available to answer any questions or to assist with anything that the crew may need while loading your belongings onto the truck.
  • Print this moving day checklist, and keep it with you at all times so that you will always have these moving tips handy.

This moving day checklist will help you make sure that all of the necessary tasks are completed, and with these moving tips, you can enjoy a smooth, relaxing transition into your new home. With a moving day checklist, you will be able avoid bumps in the road and experience a great moving day.