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Moving Day Help

How to Hire Moving Day Help

With moving day right around the corner, hiring movers may be one of the most important tasks on your agenda. You may wonder whether you should hire a full service moving company or enlist help from family and friends to get the job done. While there are benefits to both, hiring movers will help you ensure that the move is carried out professionally, efficiently, and safely. When looking into how to hire movers, there are some basic guidelines to follow that will help you select the right company or individuals based on your needs.

Choose the Right Type of Moving Help when Hiring Movers

Companies and individuals specialize in offering moving help and evaluating both options may help you make the right choice when hiring movers. Many people choose to work with professional moving companies, as they offer a full line of services to help simplify and streamline the moving process. You may also want to consider hiring a moving help company, which will provide you helpers based on your moving requirements. You could also rent a truck yourself and enlist the help of family and friends in order to move. There is also the option of hiring individual laborers to assist you with your move.

Ask for Recommendations for Hiring Movers

Once you have chosen the type of moving help that you need, ask around for recommendations from others that have used moving companies or individuals in the area. This is a great way to weed out the less reputable companies and find a company that specializes in great customer service and will ensure that your move runs smoothly from start to finish. You may also want to check online for reviews from other customers that have previously used companies in your area.

Perform an Initial Screening and Interview the Company before Hiring Movers

Whether you would like to hire a company or an individual, it is important to evaluate them with an initial screening process. Before you meet with the movers, prepare a list of questions so that you can get the information that you need and make the right decision. Interviewing several companies will often help you determine which company will best suit your needs.

Invite Two or Three Companies to Your Home for an In-Home Estimate

Once you have narrowed down your list of companies to include only two or three, invite them to give you an in-home estimate on your project. Make sure that you show them everything that will need to be moved so that they can provide an accurate quote.

Compare the Offers

Once you have the offers in front of you, it will be easy to compare how each company stacks up to the other. If there is a substantial, unexplained price discrepancy, call the company and ask. The price differences may indicate that one company is offering you a service that another company is not. It is best to know up front exactly what you will be paying for so that you can choose the best company and get the most from your moving experience.

Research the Contenders more Extensively and Hire Your Movers

Once you’ve narrowed down the applicant pool to just a handful of companies or individuals and have received quotes from each, you will be ready to perform a final evaluation before hiring the movers. During your research, make sure to look at testimonials or references that the company or individual has related to previous work completed and ask as many questions about their process as possible so that you will be fully informed as to how the move will work before moving day.